A modern take on Creme Patisserie

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A modern take on Creme Patisserie

Postby cyprusmoira » October 5th, 2018, 1:39 pm

As you may know we are great fans of MasterChef Australia it is on W, one of the cable/satellite channels. Tonight's episode is 2 hours but the last 45 minutes is taken up with a Master Class. One of the demonstrators is Poh (aka the dreaded Poh), she has taken up baking and made her version of a mille feulle ( I know I spelt that wrong), she used Crème Pat but made part of it in the microwave, it was much quicker and less complicated than the traditional method.

I look forward to seeing it on next years GBBO
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Re: A modern take on Creme Patisserie

Postby Rainbow » October 6th, 2018, 1:18 am

cyprusmoira wrote:the dreaded Poh

Not sure why you call her "the dreaded Poh"?? She's always seemed like a very nice person to me - I've only seen a bit of her own cookery shows on the ABC, not on Masterchef.

She's also a talented artist - I went to an exhibition of her paintings in Adelaide some years ago and they were selling for a good price! She may not have time to do much painting these days, though!
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