Barley, pearl barley, farro, spelt....

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Barley, pearl barley, farro, spelt....

Postby efcliz » April 21st, 2010, 11:28 am

Watching GBM last night I was fascinated by one of the chefs visit to get some barley. I love love love pearl barley but this barley looked nothing like what I'm used to. It was small and dark and really yummy looking. I was in fact eating a smoky pearl barley and mushroom stew as I watched it, and it got me thinking. I also have farro in the cupboard, and I believe that whole spelt is similar too but I've never seen it anywhere. Am I missing out on exciting different types of barley and which ones can be used interchangeably? And is pot barley the same as pearl barley but USA?

(One of the contestants on Masterchef Oz got kicked out for incorrectly identifying farro as barley, out of a stew where they had to list all the ingredients. I thought it was very harsh!).
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Re: Barley, pearl barley, farro, spelt....

Postby chools » April 21st, 2010, 1:40 pm

There is bearmeal which is a very old strain of barley, and also unpolished barley.

I buy bearmeal flour for making bread but it's becoming increasingly rare. Most of the barley grown around these parts is for the whisky industry rather than for food.

<AFAIK> the last part of the country to use barley is any great quantity is Orkney where its still popular in bread


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