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Resetting your password:

PostPosted: May 12th, 2015, 3:53 pm
by Riocaz
To reset your password you click the link: ucp.php?mode=sendpassword

You will receive an email with the subject "New password activation" with your new password. It also contains a link that you MUST click in order to activate this new password. IT WON'T WORK UNTIL YOU CLICK THE LINK (This stops someone maliciously changing your password).

Once you have logged in you can either keep your new password (which is secure as the system generates them and I don't see it). OR you can change it by clicking "User Control Panel" (below the Wildfood logo) then "Profile" (2nd tab in from the left), then "edit account settings"

Re: Resetting your password:

PostPosted: May 14th, 2015, 9:50 am
by ianinfrance
Just to add to this.

When you try to change your password, the Wildfood BBS software will send an email to your designated email address. Some email service suppliers, in an attempt to protect their customers, block emails following their own rules. Normally it is possible to set up what is called a "Whitelist" which as the name implies is the opposite of the "blacklist". All emails from people or email addresses on the white list will automatically be accepted by your email system and arrive in your inbox.

However, setting up and managing your white list and any other filters that your email supplier has set up with or without your knowledge is something only you can do. Here at Wildfood, we cannot possibly make changes to your personal email account.

I hope that helps and clarifies what can otherwise be somewhat frustrating.