Talana Museum - the bad and the good

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Talana Museum - the bad and the good

Postby 4dogsagain » October 14th, 2015, 6:56 pm

The Curator of Talana Museum, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, was devastated on Friday morning when she went to the museum and found that it had been broken into, and an historical collection of medals was stolen from the archives. The thieves knew exactly where to break in, through the roof, and how to avoid the alarm 'eyes'; they also wrecked the alarm control board.
So horrified are people, from all over the world, who know and love this museum, that pictures and descriptions of the medals have been circulated, so the thieves will find it difficult to sell the medals, unless they are for a private, corrupt, buyer.

The good news is that things at Talana go ahead. This evening we had the opening of the 29th Creations market, which showcases local talent, and lasts for three weeks. And on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have Talana Live! an annual event. On Friday night you can meet the 'ghosts' that haunt Talana. On Saturday there will be a parade through town with red-coated soldiers (remember the film Zulu? Battle re-enactments by the Dundee Die Hards including the capture of Winston Churchill; a display of hundreds of classic cars; an Indian pavilion;, a Zulu pavilion, a Boer camp, a British camp, ox wagons and horses. Dozens of stalls will sell all kinds of food and drink, and crafts galore. On Sunday there will be a Heritage Walk, which will include the sentencing of Mahatma Ghandi by a Magistrate in the original courthouse.
On 20 October, the anniversary of the Battle of Talana in 1899, the Museum will be opening it's Boer War exhibition hall, and visitors will be able to meet the "ghosts" of the Boers and Brits who fought in the battle.

Why am I posting this on Wildfood? Well, there is a lot of food involved. And maybe some of you who read this will feel inspired to visit Dundee next year, on the weekend closest to 20 October, to "catch the vibe" for yourself.

Creations and Talana Live are an inspiration to all of us involved in the Museum to see that things move forward, despite the devastating loss of the medals.

Have a look at some of the Creations exhibits:
Creataions 2015015.jpg

Creataions 2015017.jpg

Creations 2015003.jpg

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