Masterchef UK/Fr.

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Masterchef UK/Fr.

Postby chicken_hot_pot² » September 3rd, 2010, 8:41 am

We now have Marsterchef here in France, into week 3 and both OH and I are really enjoying it.

Last week I wondered what they did with all the food that was left over, as it seemed a waste if it all ended up in the bin. (Mind you, in the 1st week when they had to make mayonnaise, some of the results were probably inedible. :o )

Yesterday OH was reading the TV magazine and noticed that there was a note saying that all the left over food went to one of the organisations who distribute food to families in need. The director was interview briefly and explained that the amount of food left feed about 600 families.

I was just wondering if the same sort of thing happened in the UK or other countries that now have Masterchef. The UK obviously, as it all started there.

Great programme, we're addicted. :D
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