Goodbye and good riddance.

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Goodbye and good riddance.

Postby Riocaz » February 28th, 2017, 12:07 pm

4dogs, left and won't and get to do a Rosie and repeatedly flounce off and then come back as I've banned her. It's been coming for a while mainly because of her frequent attention seeking posts, which were either inflammatory or simply stupid.

Marilina (who has been complaining about us all, in various other forums, for almost as long as this board has existed, but apparently doesn't realise we knew about it) has been banned because frankly I am sick of her moaning about the board users, the mods, and me directly. She's now got something to complain about.

Badgerbum messaged me to complain about me warning 4dogs for her attention seeking posts (and the humble bragging). I responded with a fuller explanation, which they completely ignored and went on to accuse me of having an agenda in warning 4dogs (My only agenda was to get her to stop her attention seeking crap).

If you don't like how I run the board go elsewhere, it's that simple! This is not a public space it MY virtual home so I don't see why I should be abused however veiled in it.

The topic is locked, it's not up for debate.
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