Coping with the tiniest kitchen in the world

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Coping with the tiniest kitchen in the world

Postby TeresaFoodie » May 30th, 2017, 3:19 pm

Where I currently live has a reasonable sized living/sleeping area, a shower room and the tiniest kitchen in the world!
I do consider myself lucky to have what I have, i.e. fairly comfortable, warm and it has a roof! So this is not a moan! But, i am not getting on very well with this kitchen.
Cooker, small fridge/freezer, one tiny work top, sink, storage space very limited so pots and pans stored on top of the hob, nowhere to store cutlery so i have them in a washing up bowl on top of the freezer!
The thing i am struggling with is the lack of food prep space. Also the worktop is mainly taken up with kettle, sandwich toaster, tea/coffee/sugar jars, boxes of tea bags, bottle of squash, so no real space to prep anyway. Mind you, maybe i am mainly at fault for not being more organised because i am just used to having a much bigger space too cook.
I keep telling myself if Rachel Khoo can do it then so can you.
I suppose when i eventually get a bigger kitchen it will be such a relief! But at the moment i feel so restricted in doing what i love most - cooking!
Forgot to mention, in there are also ironing board, broom, clothes airer poked in between wall, fridge and oven. When i go in there i feel like sucking my tummy in and holding my breath!
Have you ever had to live with a miniature kitchen? Any space saving tips?
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