Bean to Bar Chocolate, London's Damson Chocolate + discount

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Bean to Bar Chocolate, London's Damson Chocolate + discount

Postby Kavey » May 11th, 2018, 7:18 am

Some of you may already know of Damson Chocolate, I suspect both myself and Riocaz have mentioned it before.

Damson Chocolate was set up three years ago by a mutual friend of ours called Dom. Lee's known him for donkeys years since they worked together for Demon many many moons ago. I've known Dom since 2009, when he was a fellow blogger, in an era when there were far fewer of us and us London bloggers knew each other! He was a chocolate blogger then. Anyway, he started making bean-to-bar chocolate at home for fun, quickly discovered he's bloody amazing at it and set up professionally with kitchen and retail store in Angel Islington.

Bean-to-bar, for those who aren't familiar with the term, is when one producer buys in the cocoa beans and makes the chocolate from start right through to bar. This is unusual as most of the big brands buy chocolate, not beans -- someone else does the chocolate making, and they simply temper and form into bars or use in their confectionery.

I've tried a lot of very very very good chocolate, and have judged for both the Academy of Chocolate and the International Chocolate Awards, and Dom's chocolate is easily in the top five I've ever tasted. It's phenomenally good!

Pete and I recently attended a full-on workshop where we learned the whole process -- I thought I knew it in theory but utterly fascinating to see and DO it in person, learnt so much more.

Here's my post on the experience, but I also have a 15% discount code that's valid through to end of this month.

If you already love high quality chocolate, or you would like to try for the first time, this is a good time to put in an order.

Also, just to add, though I hope it goes without saying -- I have never (and never will) recommend or exaggerate how good something is because a friend is involved. When I say Dom's chocolate is amongst the very very very best I've ever tasted, I'm absolutely hand on heart telling you the truth. I just bought 20 bars myself this month, I'd already bough over 10 a month earlier. (They're 50 gram bars, and Pete, after more than 25 years telling me he prefers Galaxy has suddenly discovered the joys of proper chocolate so now I have to share!!!) ... kshop.html
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