Creations at Talana Museum

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Creations at Talana Museum

Postby 4dogsagain » October 5th, 2012, 5:56 pm

For the last 20-odd years, our local Museum, Talana, holds a month of craft sales, called Creations. This year the title is 'Colour Burst".
I have been making padded and decorated fabric hearts, and when I decided there were enough (I ran out of inspiraion) I had made 73. Each is unique, so no two are the same.
I had been making decorated boxes as well, and had made almost 50 and thought that would be enough, until the box-making bug hit again, and I sat down today on my shady stoep and made six more. All the boxes are on-offs as well. I just cut the bottom from thick card that was givne to me, then make tops to fit, and decorate these.
Some of the boxes have been covered in old maps, and they look rather splendid.
All the hearts have been put into plastic bags, as I do not want them to get shop-soiled. After all, the show is in for a month. I tried all sorts of ways to pack the boxes, the problem was the price labels, I didn't want to stick them onto the boxes. In the end, I bought some clear cellophane, and cut into wide strips. These I wrap around the boxes on the sortest side, then stick with sellotape. This way, this lids stay on, and the decorations do not get picked off!
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