Indoor plants - east, west or south facing?

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Indoor plants - east, west or south facing?

Postby TeresaFoodie » June 12th, 2018, 9:37 pm

When I moved here a couple of months ago, I was keen to ensure my indoor plants were transported without damage, which they were, then get them up on the windowsills.

I have a large east facing windowsill in my living room, well shaded by a large sycamore and an elder. One large west facing windowsill in my kitchen which gets full sun midday-ish onwards. One small south facing window in my living room.

I have a Numex Twilight chilli plant which I instinctively wanted to live in the kitchen (west), a mint alongside it, a chrysanthemum on the other side which I may replace with chives when the time comes.

I have a miniature rose which seems to be happy facing south in the living room, adding a pretty splash of colour.

East facing are my four ancient cacti. They've been following me around forever and look happy.

My mint needs a good drenching every day at the moment otherwise it droops badly.

Chilli had many fruits last year, but at the moment many buds but only three fruits. Leaves look a bit crispy. Buds keep falling.

Have I got my plants in their happiest spots, do you think? To me they all look nice where they are! I've never thought about east, west, south before until now. I'm probably over thinking....

By the way, none of my windows have curtains or blinds to block out any light.
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