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Made in England ...

Postby PatsyMFagan » November 25th, 2018, 1:12 pm

Did anyone else see this programme last night on BBC2 ? Showed the origins of pottery in Stoke … How and why. I was rivetted and thought Scullion may be interested.. :tu:
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Re: Made in England ...

Postby scullion » November 26th, 2018, 1:52 am

i've watched all the series (- i'm impressed with the blacksmith).
i have a few issues with it though - like when making hats they showed them the early wilcox and gibbs sewing machine, which would have either been the hand one or treadle, then gave them the electric version to sew the straw - a little bit of inbuilt failure - like also using the pottery momentum wheel and a rather rickety jigger (they should have shown a jolly at the same time).
also in the pottery one they wizzed through a little of the history (leaving some really important parts out).
i was also unimpressed with the health and safety aspect while the two guys were filling and transporting the saggars. they should have been wearing respirators. they could have pointed out that the workers in the past wouldn't have worn them but it was rather negligent to have them clapping the clouds of sand/flint dust off their hands and breathing it in - really quite dangerous.
but all in all i'm glad they make programmes like this - what i would like to see is another series of 'a stitch in time'. you can find episodes such as this one on youtube.
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